Resources from a Messianic perspective


General Biblical Topics        

Itís Still the Promised Land

The Case for the Tri-unity of God

The Rabbis vs. the Spirit

Godly Culture from the Inside Out

The Problems of Eternity

The Reality of the Resurrection

Our Everlasting Hope

What's in a Name?

The Jewish Way of Baptism

The Excellence of Forgiveness

Messianic Life        

Rediscovering the Lost Messianic World

Worshiping Together the Messianic Way

Set Apart: The True Meaning of Holiness

The Heart of the Torah

The Torah of Yeshua

Living According to God's Calendar

The Messiah in Scripture        

How to Recognize the Messiah

Who is Yeshua? Part 1: Yeshua is God

Who is Yeshua? Part 2: Yeshua is Messiah

Who is Yeshua? Part 3: Yeshua is Jewish

Who is Yeshua? Part 4: Yeshua is Salvation

The Remnant: The Key that Unlocks a Great Mystery

The Answer is in the Cursed Book of the Bible

The Death of Messiah: A Jewish Curse or a Tragic Blessing?

Seeing the Cross from Above

Biblical Holidays        

The Biblical Feasts of Israel chart

Messiah in the Passover

The Passover / Easter Connection

Shavuot: God's Harvest by the Word and the Spirit

Rosh Hashanah and the Remarkable Notes of the Shofar

Yom Kippur: The Day of Atonement and Remembering to Forget

Sukkot and the Birth of Yeshua

The Real Miracle of Hanukkah

A Messianic Perspective on Christmas

The Relationship Between Israel and the Church        

Part 1 - The Origins of Replacement Theology

Part 2 - The Attitude and Reasoning of Replacement Theology

Part 3 - The Danger of Misunderstanding Godís Covenants

Part 4 - Jews and Gentiles and the Sovereignty of God

Moments in History        

Will the Real Messiah Please Stand

The Last Jews of Babylon

Lies of Blood

Life from Death: A Search for Meaning in the Tragedy of the Holocaust

Life Stories        

Yiddishkeit by Sharon Allen

My Place was with My People by Rose Warmer