Resources from a Messianic perspective

Audio Resources

by Dr. Galen Peterson (except as indicated)

Bearing One Another's Burdens the Messianic Way

Bondservants of the Master

Counting on God's Promises to Israel and to Us

Good Enough for the Book of Life

Having a Healthy Heart for Israel

In Search of True Love

Living in a Painful World

Loving Our Neighbor Like God Loves Us

Our Need for a Wake Up Call

Our Resurrection Promise

Persevering Through the Mountains of Life

Separating Out the Truth About Jerusalem

Sukkot: Living Water for a Thirsty World

Sukkot: Recognizing a Forsaken Blessing

The Biblical Feasts and Appointments with God

The Personal Name of God

The Rabbis vs. the Spirit

When the Messiah is the Anti-Messiah

Personal Testimonies

David Bronfeld

John Yerina

Stan Baraghin

Worship Songs

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Adon Olam


Arise and Shine, Adonai

As the Mountains

Barchenu Avinu

Blessed Be Adonai

Bo Ruach Elohim

Clap Your Hands

Come Yeshua

Etz Chayim

Eyn Keloheinu

For Such a Time as This


Gadol Elohai / How Great is Our God

Great and Wonderful

Hallelu et Adonai

He is My Defense

He Shall Reign

He's the Mighty One of Israel

Hinei El Yeshuati

Hodu L'Adonai

In Yeshua's Name

It Is You, It Is You O Israel

Kadosh Ata

Ki Mitzion

Kumi Ori

L'Cha Adonai

L'chu Neranena

Let God Arise

Melech Ozair

My Heart is Turned Towards Thee

O Come and Let Us Sing

O Lord, Our Lord

Oseh Shalom (contemporary version)

Our Reigning God

Ram Venisa Ha'Mashiach

Resting Place

Shaalu Shalom Yerushalayim

Shabbat Shalom Medley

Shalom Rav


Shimcha Kadosh

Shiru L'Adonai

Shout to the North

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

The King is Coming

The Sanctuary

The Year of Jubilee

Yeshua, Yeshua

Y'hiyu L'ratzon

Yoducha Amim Elohim