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The Remnant is our quarterly newsletter that contains articles on prophecy, current events in Israel, Jewish customs and history and Scriptural insights.

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The Sanhedrin and a Second Chance for Justice

The Spiritual Battle Over the Temple Mount

A Deeper Look at Forgiveness

Tu B'Shevat - The Fruitfulness of a Relationship with God

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Forgotten Love - The Story of the American Colony in Jerusalem

Sukkot - The Feast of Tabernacles and the Hope for the Nations

The Truth About Faith

Israel and the Battle for the Universe

The message of the Olive Tree of Israel

Our Resurrection Promise

Jewish Ministry in the Post-Holocaust Era

His Name is Salvation: Looking Deeper at the Name of Jesus

The Ultimate Question in Life: What Happens When I Die?

An Atonement You Can Count on Forever

A Believer's Guide for Praying For Israel