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The Life Story of Rose Warmer

I am a Jewess who was born in Hungary. After the First World War, I grew up with many possibilities of studying and could travel to different countries. Since my early childhood I was rebellious and did not believe in the existence of God. I had never met anyone who was a real Christian nor had a testimony given to me.

I pursued art, became a classical dancer and later I became a sculptor. I put all my heart into my art as I hoped to find full satisfaction and the fulfillment of the deepest longings of my life. I was searching for real and lasting peace and happiness.

Soon I started following other false teachings because no one directed me nor showed me the truth from God's Word. I was already 25 years old when, for the first time I purchased a Hungarian Bible, and only because I had become a spiritist and later a medium. As a spiritist medium I had terrible experiences. In time I found out that they were lying spirits and learned that the practice of it is an abomination to God. Though I did not yet believe in God, I accepted this truth from the Bible.

Then the Second World War and its horrors broke out upon us Jews. Through this I first lost my beloved father and in my sorrow I turned to the Bible. I started to read it and continued to do so for two weeks. In Budapest I sought people who read the Bible and heard the Gospel for the first time in my life. The message of fulfilled prophecy concerning the Messiah gripped my heart. I was open and ready for the testimony. The third day after hearing the testimony and reading more of the Bible, I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Messiah, Savior and God. I could experience as it is written in Isaiah 38:17 –

"Lo, for my own welfare I had great bitterness; it is Thou who hast kept my soul from the pit of nothingness, for Thou hast cast all my sins behind Thy back"

After two weeks I stepped out and began witnessing to others. But I was put into prison because I was Jewish. I was in a horrible place, in darkness and winter, behind the iron door in a solitary cell. Yet I could praise the Lord and experience His presence and His peace and was happy to suffer for His name.

The Lord brought me out of the prisons and gave me the opportunity for two years of witnessing. Then the horrible times came when my people were forced into the camps of annihilation. But the Lord showed me that my place was with my people in their great suffering – to be a witness and to comfort them. I went voluntarily and never regretted it, even facing death and starvation. I knew they could only kill my body, but my spirit and soul would go to the Lord for eternity. His peace and His presence stayed with me always. I could witness of His redeeming love and faithfulness to my people. Ultimately I survived and was found among the dead bodies when liberated in Bergen-Belsen.

I had lost my family, my home and my health. The Lord was my all. He opened great doors of service among the Jewish remnant and the people of Eastern Europe before bringing me to Israel, the land of my fathers so that I might witness and spread His life-giving Word and to tell of His great salvation.


Ed. – Rose lived and served in Israel for 36 years before going to be with the Lord in 1986.